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With the return of WarGames less than two weeks away, Adam Cole looked to make Roderick Strong pay dearly for his decision to snub The Undisputed ERA before both Superstars enter the three-team fray at NXT TakeOver.

The Undisputed ERA’s master manipulator fired everything he had at Strong, wearing him down with submission holds, drilling him with hard strikes and even using the referee as a distraction. Yet, Strong refused to stay down no matter the attack that Cole launched his way. As Cole struggled to find new ways to batter his rival, Strong turned the tides, rattling Cole with a leaping knee to the face before downing him with a jaw-dropping backbreaker onto the top turnbuckle.

Sensing that their cocksure captain was in danger of suffering a clear-cut loss, Undisputed ERA members Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish ran to ringside and dragged an exhausted Strong out of the ring, prompting the referee to signal for the bell.

The fight, however, was far from over. Soon, they were joined by Strong’s partners for WarGames, The Authors of Pain, as well as the third WarGames squadron, SAnitY. A brief standoff gave way to an all-out brawl, with all nine Superstars throwing haymakers. The action spilled outside the ring, and Strong superplexed Cole from the top turnbuckle to the floor, wiping out all three teams in the process.

As the NXT Universe heartily chanted “NXT” and bodies lay strewn around the ring, it grew apparent that WarGames is the only structure dangerous enough to settle this three-way rivalry.

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SAnitY and The Authors of Pain picked up right where they left off at TakeOver: Brooklyn III, battling in an action-packed NXT Tag Team Championship Match.

Unlike in Brooklyn, it appeared that Akam & Rezar were primed to pick up the victory until The Undisputed ERA rushed the ring, causing the match to come to a frenzied end.

Adam Cole, Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly pounced on both tag teams, leveling a furious assault. Finally, the monstrous Killian Dain rushed the ring, helping slow the attack. However, even The Beast of Belfast couldn’t overcome the numbers disadvantage.

Roderick Strong then came to the ring, but pulled out an Undisputed ERA wristband as he appeared ready to join the renegade faction. However, instead of attacking Rezar, Strong unleashed a furry of right hands to Cole, Fish & O’Reilly. Strong proceeded to clear the ring of the trio of troublemakers alongside The Authors of Pain.

With a sea of carnage surrounding the ring, General Manager William Regal made his way out to the stage, announcing that SAnitY, The Undisputed ERA and the team of The Authors of Pain & Roderick Strong will do battle in a Triple Threat Match. But, it won’t be any ordinary Triple Threat Match — it will be WarGames!

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Andrade Almas entered the main event against Roderick Strong intent on proving his worth as an NXT Title contender. Strong, on the other hand, was dealing with issues of his own: Namely, how to handle The Undisputed ERA’s seeming interest in having him join their ranks.

“Cien” and The Messiah of the Backbreaker went at each other hammer-and-tongs, and their world-class grappling prowess was on display as they looked to outmaneuver one another.

Late in the contest, Strong gained an advantage by clotheslining Almas to the floor, but upon tossing Almas back into the ring, he became the target of a surprise attack from Almas’ manager, Zelina Vega, behind the referee’s back. Vega leapt off the apron with a hurricanrana that sent Strong face-first into the steel ring steps, proving she possesses much more than just business savvy. Almas capitalized on the assist, drilling Strong with a hammerlock DDT for the three-count.

Following the match, Zelina and Almas stormed the announce desk and accused Drew McIntyre of being afraid of Almas’ challenge. Meanwhile, as Strong gathered himself inside the ring, Adam Cole, Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly entered the scene and gave Strong an Undisputed ERA armband, with Cole telling Strong that he is “not a loser” and that he “needs to be a part of us.”

With the pivotal loss to Almas still fresh in his mind, is Strong now one step closer to accepting The Undisputed ERA’s offer?

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The NXT Universe knew there would be chaos when SAnitY battled Undisputed ERA, but no one could predict just how much mayhem would go down in this huge Six-Man Tag Team Match.

It’s easy to see why Adam Cole, Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly arrived with so much hype as they grounded Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe & Killian Dain for the first half of this main-event showdown.

The talented trio’s momentum would come to a halt though, as The Beast of Belfast entered the contest, barreling through them with jaw-dropping power.

With Fish and O’Reilly incapacitated, SAnitY seemed primed to take out Cole, when The Authors of Pain made their surprising return. Not seen since losing the NXT Tag Team Titles at TakeOver: Brooklyn III to SAnitY, Rezar & Akam proceeded to destroy all three members of the chaos-inducing group.

As The Authors of Pain stood above a sea of carnage, The Undisputed ERA stood on the stage in awe of the destruction they had just witnessed.

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With a confident smirk on his face and Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish by his side, Adam Cole set the stage for his long-awaited NXT in-ring debut by making a pre-match declaration: He, O’Reilly & Fish represent a “shock to the system” of NXT, Cole said, before calling his trio “undisputed” and stating that this is their era.

Cole was every bit as bold once the bell rang for his match against Eric Young, screaming for the high priest of chaos to fight him. Young obliged and flustered Cole with a furious opening salvo, but Cole slyly found enough of an opening to kick Young to the floor, leading to a tense standoff between Fish & O’Reilly and the rest of SAnitY at ringside.

Young regained the advantage and eventually prepared to take flight off the top rope, but Fish & O’Reilly stalled him with a momentary distraction. Their interference set off a major brawl with SAnitY’s Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain outside the ring. As he stood atop the turnbuckle, Young seemed to change his plan of attack and, instead of splashing the supine Cole, dove onto the mass of humanity on the floor.

Upon reentering the ring, however, Young was nearly taken out of his boots by a devastating Shining Wizard. Cole then scrambled to make the cover and scored the pinfall to reign victorious in his NXT debut. As Young’s SAnitY teammates swarmed the ring to check on their captain, Cole, O’Reilly & Fish quickly retreated, ensuring The Undisputed ERA lives to fight another day.

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After watching Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish unleash a callous attack on their fellow United Kingdom competitors Pete Dunne (who eventually ran for the hills) and Wolfgang last week on NXT, Trent Seven & Tyler Bate were out to get a fair fight this week against the rebel Superstars inside the squared circle.

Both Seven & Bate and O’Reilly & Fish are well-known for their tag team success before NXT and they showed why, battling in a spectacular main-event showdown. Cole’s presence at ringside didn’t go unnoticed as he superkicked Bate into oblivion outside the ring, allowing Fish & O’Reilly to neutralize Seven inside the squared circle and pick up the victory.

Following the match, NXT Champion Drew McIntyre came to the ring as Cole, O’Reilly & Fish left through the crowd. In a chaotic turn of events, SAnitY appeared from behind the devious trio, leveling an attack that eventually included McIntyre, as Cole, Fish & O’Reilly were sent scrambling.

At least for one night, it seems the NXT Titleholder and NXT Tag Team Champions were able to unite to give Cole, O’Reilly & Fish some payback.

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The incredible U.K. Title Match between champion Pete Dunne and challenger Wolfgang reinforced what the NXT Universe has come to realize: that when the Superstars of WWE’s U.K. roster are in action, it’s appointment television. Yet, overshadowing their fiery battle was the ominous arrival and post-match rush by NXT’s nefarious intruders, Adam Cole, Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly, which underscored a different, more sobering reality: As long as Cole, Fish & O’Reilly are on the prowl, nobody is safe.

Before the unruly interlopers stole the attention, all eyes were glued to the hard-hitting battle between The BruiserWeight and The Last King of Scotland. Dunne and Wolfgang’s multi-tooled arsenals were on full display as the championship match evolved from a technical contest waged on the mat to a skin-reddening, smash-mouth medley of suplexes, strikes and clotheslines. Amid the barbaric collisions and throws, Wolfgang took to the air, hitting a tope con hilo followed by a high-arching moonsault.

Despite Wolfgang’s varied attack, the hard-nosed BruiserWeight endured the offensive and eventually nailed Wolfgang with the Bitter End to retain the title. As he celebrated, Cole, Fish & O’Reilly made their presence felt by surrounding the U.K. Champion. Sensing their malicious intent, Dunne struck first with a punch on O’Reilly but was soon overwhelmed by the group. Wolfgang returned to the ring to help his fellow U.K. competitor, but he was also swarmed by the group.

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Knowing that this would be his final chance to settle the score with former NXT Champion Bobby Roode before Roode joins SmackDown LIVE full-time, Roderick Strong unleashed all his rage on The Glorious One. The Messiah of the Backbreaker nailed one vertebrae-breaker after another, giving Roode’s chiropractor fodder for nightmares.

Roode took control after a spinebuster on the floor and, late in the contest, drilled Strong with the Glorious DDT. Yet, Strong survived the pin attempt by draping his foot on the bottom rope, recalling the way Roode narrowly avoided losing the NXT Title to Strong in July. Perhaps remembering all of the personal insults that The Glorious One said about his family, Strong found a new gear and, after connecting with several knee strikes, tossed Roode with back-to-back End of Heartache backbreakers, winning the match and ending one of NXT’s most bitter rivalries.

Drew McIntyre then came to the stage and pointed in Strong’s direction, seemingly indicating that he considers Strong worthy of a title opportunity after his hard-fought win. Suddenly, McIntyre was jumped from behind by the hell-raising triumvirate of Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish. Cole DDT’ed the NXT Champion onto the ramp, and the trio batted away security guards before exiting through the crowd. All three brashly declared that NXT now belongs to them as they walked out of the building, leaving NXT General Manager William Regal to fume over their actions.

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The NXT Universe continues to buzz about Adam Cole’s surprising debut after TakeOver: Brooklyn III goes off the air.

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“We are NXT!” proved to be more than just a rallying cry as Drew McIntyre toppled Bobby Roode and claimed the NXT Championship not just for himself, but the entire NXT Universe.

The onetime “Chosen One” overcame a long, embattled journey to fulfill his destiny in a grueling battle in Brooklyn.

It became immediately apparent that the challenger’s size and strength advantage would play a big part in this storied contest. The Scottish challenger towered over Roode who utilized cutting chops and veteran guile to tear down his opponent.

Roode methodically picked apart his opponent as he has done to so many foes before him. But, unlike previous challengers, McIntyre managed to use his awesome combination of strength and speed to continually battle back.

Then, almost out of nowhere, McIntyre launched out of the corner, hitting the Claymore on the champion. However, the crafty Roode rolled closer to the ropes, allowing him to get a foot on the bottom rope before McIntyre could capture the three-count.

The challenger would return the favor moments later after Roode nailed him with The Glorious DDT, kicking out just before the referee’s hand hit the mat a third time. The Glorious One pounced again though, nailing a second Glorious DDT.

This time, instead of going for the pin, Roode lifted his challenger back to his feet to attempt a third devastating DDT. McIntyre was prepared though, as he fought back with a headbutt to the titleholder before unleashing a second Claymore for the dramatic victory.

In yet another shocking turn of events, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly appeared for a second time in the evening as they stood on the apron during McIntyre’s celebration. Only, they were only two-thirds of the equation as multiple time World Champion Adam Cole blindsided McIntyre. The trio of Fish, O’Reilly and Cole proceeded to beat down the new NXT Champion before Cole hit a superkick on the embattled NXT Champion.

Cole – flanked by Fish and O’Reilly – stood over a fallen McIntyre holding the NXT Championship, leaving the NXT Universe to wonder what these three men have in store for NXT.

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