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Date: Mar 19th 2019

NXT Results-February 13th,2019

Highlights include:

Ricochet’s handstand head scissors takedown, combined with a dropkick to send Cole flying out of the ring. The high-flying prowess of Ricochet impresses Full Sail, as he hits Cole with a plancha.

All Ricochet until Cole catches Ricochet wrapped up in the turnbuckle by the left leg.
Cole begins to focus on that left leg, wringing it agains the ring post. Dragon screw leg whip. Cole keeps kicking that leg and hurting the knee.

Ricochet tenaciously tries to fight back, but when he attempts to run full-speed at Cole, his leg buckles. Still, he avoids Cole’s attack and clotheslines him to the mat.

Tiger Feint Kick by Ricochet. He gets up to the top rope and flies with a diving uppercut. Standing moonsault! 1-2- Cole kicks out. Ricochet grits his teeth and slaps that knee, fighting through the pain. Adrenaline is going full blast here.

Cole with a front kick to the knee of Ricochet, cutting his legs out from under him. Cole lifts Ricochet up to the top turnbuckle. Enziguri to the head! Cole with a fireman’s carry into a ushigoroshi! 1-2- kickout.

Northern lights suplex by Ricochet. He rolls and tries to do it again but his knee buckles. Cole seizes the moment and delivers a nasty ushigoroshi, his knee landing high on the back of Ricochet’s neck. Can’t get the win though.

Cole exposes his right knee, misses the Last Shot, and a rollup by Ricochet. 1-2- kickout. Reverse RANA! Wow. That’s got to have hurt Cole in the back of his head.
Ricochet struggles to the ring ropes. He falls on the apron, adjusts, springs off of one leg for a senton on to Cole’s legs. No pinfall yet.

The two go back and forth with right hands, striking each other’s heads. Massive uppercuts and kicks. Ricochet misses a rainbow kick and gets superkicked in the mouth. 1-2- NO! Cole can’t pin Ricochet. “NXT” chants from the fans.

Ricochet will not give up, even as he’s sat on the top turnbuckle by Cole. Ricochet slides underneath Cole’s legs. He hops up to the second rope but Cole knocks him to the apron. Ricochet with a beauty Frankensteiner. Axe kick. Northern Lights suplex, rolls over into another…and now…it’s…the VERTIGO! Amazing triumph by Ricochet. He really gutted out that victory.

Winner: Ricochet via pinfall in 15 minutes
Immediately, the rest of the Undisputed Era charge the ring to beat up on Ricochet. Aleister Black runs down and he gets superkicked by Cole. Strong follows that up with an End of Heartache backbreaker. So much for that run-in.

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O’Reilly, Strong, Cole and Fish constitute the alliance known as The Undisputed ERA, a lawless outfit that has wreaked havoc in NXT since their emergence in August 2017. Employing a wolf pack mentality, the group has attacked everyone from Drew McIntyre to SAnitY, destabilizing the entire black-and-yellow-brand in the process.(Continue Reading)

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