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Match Number One: NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Undisputed Era (Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly) versus War Raiders (Hanson and Raymond Rowe)

Kyle and Strong go after Hanson and Rowe as the bell rings. Hanson is sent to the floor and Strong with a drop kick to Hanson. They focus on Rowe and Rowe with a clothesline to Kyle and then to Strong. Hanson with a double clothesline on the floor. Rowe picks up Hanson and slams him onto Kyle and Strong on the floor. Strong is sent back into the ring by Rowe and Strong bounces off Hanson on a shoulder tackle attempt.

Hanson and Rowe double team Strong after a drop kick from Rowe and Rowe gets a near fall. Hanson tags in and Kyle breaks up a double team attempt. Rowe is sent through the ropes and knocks Hanson off the apron. Kyle tags in and Hanson gets back in the ring. Kyle and Strong double team Hanson. Kyle with kicks, punches, and knees to Hanson. Strong tags in and he chops Hanson while Kyle kicks Hanson. Strong sets for a suplex but Hanson blocks it. Hanson goes for a suplex but Strong lands on his feet and Kyle tags in. Hanson will not move on a double Irish whip attempt but they send him into the corner. Kyle and Strong with strikes and Kyle with a front face lock and he adds more pressure.

Kyle with a guillotine but Rowe tags in and he hits a tilt-a-whirl gutbuster on Strong and Kyle with a forearm but Rowe throws Strong into Kyle. Strong stops Rowe from connecting with a power bomb on the apron. Rowe blocks a drop kick from Strong but Kyle with a knee. Hanson knocks Strong off the apron and Hanson goes for a suicide dive but Strong moves out of the way.

Rowe with a uranage to Kyle followed by a drop kick to Strong. Rowe with a clothesline to Strong but Kyle clips Rowe. Rowe with a forearm and Strong tags in and hits a back breaker for a near fall. Kyle tags in and they drop Rowe on the top rope. Kyle with elbows to the ribs followed by a knee and a sliding knee into the ribs. Kyle with punches and he tries for a cross arm breaker but Rowe is able to block it and he picks up Kyle on a triangle attempt. Strong tags in and hits a half nelson back breaker for a near fall. Kyle with a choke but Rowe tries to get to his corner now that Hanson is back on the apron.

Strong tries to knock Hanson off but Hanson stays on the apron. Strong pulls Kyle into his corner while Kyle holds on to the sleeper while the referee deals with Hanson. Rowe with an exploder to Kyle that knocks Strong off the apron. Kyle pulls Hanson off the apron to prevent the tag and Strong with a drop kick to Hanson on the floor followed by a drop kick to Rowe for a near fall. Kyle with a kick and forearm. Rowe with a forearm and Kyle with a kick. Rowe with a knee to Kyle and both men are down.

Strong and Hanson tag in and Hanson with a back body drop and punches. Hanson with a side slam and a splash. Hanson misses a charge into the corner but he hits a seated splash. Hanson with a cartwheel to avoid Kyle and he clotheslines Kyle. Hanson with infinity clotheslines to Strong and Kyle. Kyle misses Hanson and hits Strong with a boot. Hanson with a power slam to Kyle and a bronco buster to Strong for a near fall.

Hanson with punches in the corner and the referee warns Hanson. Strong with kicks and enzuigiri. Strong with a clothesline and both men are down again. Rowe and Kyle tag in and Kyle with kicks to the chest. Rowe blocks a take down and Kyle with a leg sweep when Strong tries to help. Strong with a gut buster to Rowe and Kyle with a forearm to Hanson. Rowe and Hanson with a pop up power slam and Hanson with a suicide dive onto Strong. Rowe gets a near fall on Kyle. Rowe with a back breaker followed by a tilt-a-whirl gutbuster and Doctor Bomb. Hanson with a frog splash but Strong breaks up the cover.

Rowe sends Strong over the top rope to the floor and Kyle with a forearm to Hanson. Kyle and Strong take care of Rowe. Strong sets for a superplex on Hanson and hits it. Kyle with a knee drop off the turnbuckles but Hanson kicks out at two. Rowe with an elbow to Strong on the apron but Kyle with a kick and Strong with a backdrop driver onto the apron. Strong tags in and Kyle with a kick and then Kyle with a forearm and Strong with a back elbow. Strong with an Olympic Slam for a near fall. Strong with a knee and then they hit Total Elimination for a near fall.

Kyle and Strong with knees but Hanson avoids a boot and hits a handspring double back elbow. Rowe tags in and Rowe with a power bomb and power slam combination. They get Kyle up for Fallout and hit it and Rowe gets the three count.

Winners: War Raiders (new Champions)

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Eric Young will be starting things off for Sanity. Adam Cole starts the match for Undisputed Era. Cole goes into the second ring so he is not in the same ring as Young. Roderick Strong begins the match for his team.

Cole goes into the second ring and Strong and Young follow. Cole tries to punch Strong but Strong blocks it and punches Cole. Young misses a clothesline and then Young kicks Cole. Strong kicks Cole. Strong tries to send Young into Cole but they miss. Young punches Strong and Young avoids being sent into the cage by Cole. Coles does the same. Young with an elbow to Cole. Strong with a backbreaker to Young. Strong and Cole exchange forearms. Strong with a chop. Strong catapults Cole into the cage and they climb the cage. Strong and Young punch Cole and connect with forearms. Young and Strong punch each other on the ropes and then Cole runs into the ropes to knock Young and Strong off the ropes.

Cole kicks Strong and Young. Cole sends Strong between the rings and Strong rolls into the second ring. Cole with a forearm to Young but Young with a punch. Cole with a Ushigoroshi to Young and Cole goes into Strong’s ring. Cole with forearms to Strong. Cole chokes Strong in the corner. Cole with a forearm to Young followed by one to Strong. Cole with a suplex to Strong followed by a neck breaker to Strong and Young.

Strong with chops and a flying clothesline. Strong chops Cole and Young adn then he hits running knees on both men and chops.

We hit the five minute mark of the match and The Undisputed Era enter the match. Fish and O’Reilly go after Strong and punch and kick him. Then they turn their attention to Young. Cole watches as Fish and O’Reilly work over Young and Strong. Fish kicks Strong across the chest. Young is put between the ropes and cage and Cole, Fish, and O’Reilly hit running elbows against the cage. Strong with punches and kicks to Fish and O’Reilly. Fish hits an assisted wheelbarrow suplex on Strong while Cole rubs Young’s face against the cage. Strong kicks Kyle to escape a knee bar.

Fish kicks Young and then they set their attention on Strong. All hit running forearms on Strong against the cage. Kyle kicks Strong while Cole kicks Young.

The Authors of Pain are the next team to be released from the cages and they try to enter the cage but Fish and O’Reilly try to keep them out of the cage. Rezar sends Kyle into the cage while Young goes after Akam. Rezar sends Kyle into the cage to try to get him off and. Cole is bieled from ring one to ring two onto Kyle. Young is sent into ring two. Akam and Rezar send Strong into Young and the Undisputed Era.

Rezar puts Young in the tree of woe while Akam sends Fish into the cage. Kyle is put in the tree of woe. Akam and Rezar pick up Fish and Cole and hit running Death Valley Drivers into the turnbuckles. Rezar with a forearm to Cole’s back.

Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe make their way to the ring and Wolfe has a billy club and he hits Akam and Rezar. Wolfe with a side Russian leg sweep to Akam. Dain brings some chairs and trash cans into the ring along with a chain and some kendo sticks. Young and Wolfe hit everyone in sight with chairs. Akam is being choked with the chair. Dain goes under the ring and he brings out a few tables. Young chokes Strong in the corner while the tables are brought into the ring.

Wolfe sets up a table in the corner. Kyle ‘Angles’ himself with a chair and Wolfe with a German suplex. Fish is slammed onto a trash can.

Dain finally gets in the cage. Dain swallows the key and then he clotheslines Strong, Fish, and O’Reilly. Dain with forearms to Akam and Rezar. Dain with a splash into Akam and Rezar and then he hits a running drop kick back senton. Dain goes up top and he hits a cross body on everyone. Dain gets the first near fall of the match. Dain goes into the ring with Cole and Cole swings the kendo stick but Dain blocks it. Dain gets Cole up in a vertical choke. Kyle with kicks. Cole goes for a sunset flip and Dain hits a Michinoku Driver onto Fish for a near fall on both men. Kyle is sent into the cage.

Dain gets Kyle on his shoulders and he catches Strong for a Fallaway Slam and Samoan Drop combination. Dain and Rezar exchange forearms between rings. They move into the first ring and Dain wtih a forearm. Rezar with a boot to Dain but Dain with a bicycle kick. Dain with a cross body. Akam with a kick and a power slam for a near fall. Kyle with a tornado DDT on Akam. Young with a waist lock on Cole but Cole with an enzuigiri. Fish and Storng with kicks. The Undisputed Era hit Chasing the Dragon on Strong. Dain clotheslines Cole.

Dain misses a double clothesline on Fish and O’Reilly but they do not miss with kicks. Kyle with Axe and Smash on Wolfe. Kyle tries to choke Wolfe with the chain and then he wraps him up in the chair and applies a cross arm breaker. Young climbs the cage and he hits an elbow drop to stop Kyle. Fish with a moonsault onto Young to break up the cover. Rezasr and Akam with Super Collider on Fish and O’Reilly with Dain between the rings and in the middle of the action.

Young sends Rezar into Akam and Young with a forearm to Akam. Young gets Rezar on his shoulders and he hits a Death Valley Driver onto Akam. Young gets a near fall. Cole and Strong with forearms. Strong with a back breaker on Cole and then he hits one on Wolfe. Young with a jumping knee to Dain but Dain stays on his feet. Strong with an Olympic Slam on Dain but Cole with a super kick to break up the cover.

Cole goes up top but so does Young. Cole is between the rings and Strong climbs the turnbuckles as well. Dain and Wolfe stop Strong while Fish and O’Reilly stop Young. Akam and Rezar hit a double Tower of Doom and Cole is still on the turnbuckles between the rings. Cole laughs at everyone and then he realizes Akam and Rezar are looking at him. Rezar crotches Cole and Akam and Rezar move the tables.

The tables are set up next to each other in the second ring. Akam and Rezar climb the turnbuckles for a double belly-to-back superplex but Wolfe stops Akam and Rezar. Cole with elbows. Wolfe with forearms to Rezar. Cole climbs to the top of the cage. Wolfe with a German Superplex on Rezar through the table. Young with a jumping neck breaker to Akam. Kyle grabs a trash can and he tries to hit Dain with it. Kyle blocks a trash can shot. Kyle with a knee to Dain, but Dain with a clothesline to Kyle.

Referees check on Wolfe and Rezar in the other ring.

Dain grabs the trash can and puts it against Kyle’s head. Dain goes to the turnbuckles and he says something to Cole before hitting Coast to Coast on Kyle. Cole stands on top of the cage. Cole sees Strong standing in the center of the ring and Strong climbs the cage. Cole climbs down the cage but Strong stops him and they are on top of the cage. Strong sets for a superplex off the cage and he hits it on everyone. Strong covers Cole and he kicks out.

The referee makes sure that everyone is still conscious and they start to stir. Dain and Akam fight between the rings. They exchange punches. Dain misses a clothesline and then the Authors of Pain hit Last Chapter on Dain between the rings. Kyle with a sleeper on Rezar while Fish punches Rezar. Fish and O’Reilly with Total Elimination on Rezar. Young sends Fish into the ring post. Wolfe and Young hit a belly-to-back and neck breaker combination on Kyle. Strong with a reverse Olympic Slam on Young. Strong sends Cole into the cage. Young with a wheelbarrow suplex into the cage on Strong. Cole hits Young with the kendo stick.

Young grabs a chair and Cole with a Shining Wizard into the chair and Cole gets the three count.

Winners: Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, and Bobby Fish

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“We are NXT!” proved to be more than just a rallying cry as Drew McIntyre toppled Bobby Roode and claimed the NXT Championship not just for himself, but the entire NXT Universe.

The onetime “Chosen One” overcame a long, embattled journey to fulfill his destiny in a grueling battle in Brooklyn.

It became immediately apparent that the challenger’s size and strength advantage would play a big part in this storied contest. The Scottish challenger towered over Roode who utilized cutting chops and veteran guile to tear down his opponent.

Roode methodically picked apart his opponent as he has done to so many foes before him. But, unlike previous challengers, McIntyre managed to use his awesome combination of strength and speed to continually battle back.

Then, almost out of nowhere, McIntyre launched out of the corner, hitting the Claymore on the champion. However, the crafty Roode rolled closer to the ropes, allowing him to get a foot on the bottom rope before McIntyre could capture the three-count.

The challenger would return the favor moments later after Roode nailed him with The Glorious DDT, kicking out just before the referee’s hand hit the mat a third time. The Glorious One pounced again though, nailing a second Glorious DDT.

This time, instead of going for the pin, Roode lifted his challenger back to his feet to attempt a third devastating DDT. McIntyre was prepared though, as he fought back with a headbutt to the titleholder before unleashing a second Claymore for the dramatic victory.

In yet another shocking turn of events, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly appeared for a second time in the evening as they stood on the apron during McIntyre’s celebration. Only, they were only two-thirds of the equation as multiple time World Champion Adam Cole blindsided McIntyre. The trio of Fish, O’Reilly and Cole proceeded to beat down the new NXT Champion before Cole hit a superkick on the embattled NXT Champion.

Cole – flanked by Fish and O’Reilly – stood over a fallen McIntyre holding the NXT Championship, leaving the NXT Universe to wonder what these three men have in store for NXT.

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