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Main Event- Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic First Round Matchup: Undisputed Era (Fish/O’Reilly) vs. #DIY
Gargano and Ciampa come out to their separate theme songs, until Ciampa waits on the ramp beside Gargano, telling him to wait. The #DIY theme song hits and the Full Sail fans are loving it.

Highlights include:

Just seeing these 4 guys back in the ring against one another is a highlight.
Fish rolling into the wrong corner, but then driving Gargano into his home corner to tag in O’Reilly. This leads to some diving through the ropes by Gargano on O’Reilly. Hangman neckbreaker by Ciampa back in the ring for a 2 count on O’Reilly.

Cool combo by Undisputed Era. O’Reilly sneaks behind Gargano on the mat. Fish kicks Gargano, and he trips over O’Reilly, who positions himself immediately for a kneebar on Gargano. They get a 2 count out of it.
Two double-underhook takeovers by O’Reilly on Gargano. Incredible wheelbarrow suplex by Fish, with support from O’Reilly for another 2 count.

Jumping, swinging kick by Gargano on Fish, which he did by using O’Reilly as his fulcrum point. He discards O’Reilly afterward with a DDT. Slick combo, but he can’t tag in Ciampa. Fish interferes with that tag.
Moments later, Ciampa’s in, busting up O’Reilly with tackles, a boot to Fish on the apron, and a knee on the back of O’Reilly’s neck.

Tower of London! 1-2- O’Reilly kicks out.
Ciampa deadlifts O’Reilly for not one, but two German suplexes. Gargano flies from the apron to take out Fish on the floor. Ciampa hits a Blue Thunder bomb but still can’t get the victory.

Gargano tags in. He dives between the ropes right into a guillotine submission from O’Reilly. Ciampa with a running knee to force O’Reilly to let go of Gargano, who was starting to lift O’Reilly from the ground.

A pretty stunning back and forth, off the ropes by O’Reilly and Gargano; that brings in Fish and Ciampa.

Top of the turnbuckle. Fish attempts to superplex Ciampa and he shifts it into an Avalanche Michinoku Driver. O’Reilly follows it up with a diving knee. He covers. Ciampa kicks out. Leg lock by O’Reilly immobilizes the champion so Fish can land a diving headbutt. All of that gets broken up by Gargano. Impressive stuff.

The fight spills to the outside briefly where O’Reilly dives off the apron on to Ciampa. Then, we have two DDT’s: through the ropes by Ciampa and over the ropes, springboard by Gargano. Still, O’Reilly won’t quit.
The match ends after Ciampa and Gargano meet in the middle of the ring, with kicks to the head on O’Reilly.

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Opening Segment: Aleister Black vs. Roderick Strong
They start grappling to start the match before Strong sends Black out of the ring and drops him back first onto the steps and the apron. Strong hits a backbreaker once they’re back in the ring before focusing on the leg of Black before he goes right back to the back with another backbreaker. Black counters a suplex and drops Strong with back elbows before sweeping his legs out and hitting an Asai moonsault. Black rocks Strong with kicks and hits the Blackout for a near fall before Strong hits a pop-up gut buster.

Black sends Strong out of the ring with a bicycle knee before Strong tosses Black into the ring post and rolls him back into the ring for a near fall.

Strong then rocks Black with a bicycle knee before hitting a flap jack for a near fall before Aleister counters a suplex into the Black Mass for the pin and the win.

Winner: Aleister Black via pinfall with Black Mass.
After the match, the Undisputed Era attack Black until Ricochet makes the save and they clear the ring as we go to commercial.

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Highlights include:

Ricochet’s handstand head scissors takedown, combined with a dropkick to send Cole flying out of the ring. The high-flying prowess of Ricochet impresses Full Sail, as he hits Cole with a plancha.

All Ricochet until Cole catches Ricochet wrapped up in the turnbuckle by the left leg.
Cole begins to focus on that left leg, wringing it agains the ring post. Dragon screw leg whip. Cole keeps kicking that leg and hurting the knee.

Ricochet tenaciously tries to fight back, but when he attempts to run full-speed at Cole, his leg buckles. Still, he avoids Cole’s attack and clotheslines him to the mat.

Tiger Feint Kick by Ricochet. He gets up to the top rope and flies with a diving uppercut. Standing moonsault! 1-2- Cole kicks out. Ricochet grits his teeth and slaps that knee, fighting through the pain. Adrenaline is going full blast here.

Cole with a front kick to the knee of Ricochet, cutting his legs out from under him. Cole lifts Ricochet up to the top turnbuckle. Enziguri to the head! Cole with a fireman’s carry into a ushigoroshi! 1-2- kickout.

Northern lights suplex by Ricochet. He rolls and tries to do it again but his knee buckles. Cole seizes the moment and delivers a nasty ushigoroshi, his knee landing high on the back of Ricochet’s neck. Can’t get the win though.

Cole exposes his right knee, misses the Last Shot, and a rollup by Ricochet. 1-2- kickout. Reverse RANA! Wow. That’s got to have hurt Cole in the back of his head.
Ricochet struggles to the ring ropes. He falls on the apron, adjusts, springs off of one leg for a senton on to Cole’s legs. No pinfall yet.

The two go back and forth with right hands, striking each other’s heads. Massive uppercuts and kicks. Ricochet misses a rainbow kick and gets superkicked in the mouth. 1-2- NO! Cole can’t pin Ricochet. “NXT” chants from the fans.

Ricochet will not give up, even as he’s sat on the top turnbuckle by Cole. Ricochet slides underneath Cole’s legs. He hops up to the second rope but Cole knocks him to the apron. Ricochet with a beauty Frankensteiner. Axe kick. Northern Lights suplex, rolls over into another…and now…it’s…the VERTIGO! Amazing triumph by Ricochet. He really gutted out that victory.

Winner: Ricochet via pinfall in 15 minutes
Immediately, the rest of the Undisputed Era charge the ring to beat up on Ricochet. Aleister Black runs down and he gets superkicked by Cole. Strong follows that up with an End of Heartache backbreaker. So much for that run-in.

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Match Number One: NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Undisputed Era (Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly) versus War Raiders (Hanson and Raymond Rowe)

Kyle and Strong go after Hanson and Rowe as the bell rings. Hanson is sent to the floor and Strong with a drop kick to Hanson. They focus on Rowe and Rowe with a clothesline to Kyle and then to Strong. Hanson with a double clothesline on the floor. Rowe picks up Hanson and slams him onto Kyle and Strong on the floor. Strong is sent back into the ring by Rowe and Strong bounces off Hanson on a shoulder tackle attempt.

Hanson and Rowe double team Strong after a drop kick from Rowe and Rowe gets a near fall. Hanson tags in and Kyle breaks up a double team attempt. Rowe is sent through the ropes and knocks Hanson off the apron. Kyle tags in and Hanson gets back in the ring. Kyle and Strong double team Hanson. Kyle with kicks, punches, and knees to Hanson. Strong tags in and he chops Hanson while Kyle kicks Hanson. Strong sets for a suplex but Hanson blocks it. Hanson goes for a suplex but Strong lands on his feet and Kyle tags in. Hanson will not move on a double Irish whip attempt but they send him into the corner. Kyle and Strong with strikes and Kyle with a front face lock and he adds more pressure.

Kyle with a guillotine but Rowe tags in and he hits a tilt-a-whirl gutbuster on Strong and Kyle with a forearm but Rowe throws Strong into Kyle. Strong stops Rowe from connecting with a power bomb on the apron. Rowe blocks a drop kick from Strong but Kyle with a knee. Hanson knocks Strong off the apron and Hanson goes for a suicide dive but Strong moves out of the way.

Rowe with a uranage to Kyle followed by a drop kick to Strong. Rowe with a clothesline to Strong but Kyle clips Rowe. Rowe with a forearm and Strong tags in and hits a back breaker for a near fall. Kyle tags in and they drop Rowe on the top rope. Kyle with elbows to the ribs followed by a knee and a sliding knee into the ribs. Kyle with punches and he tries for a cross arm breaker but Rowe is able to block it and he picks up Kyle on a triangle attempt. Strong tags in and hits a half nelson back breaker for a near fall. Kyle with a choke but Rowe tries to get to his corner now that Hanson is back on the apron.

Strong tries to knock Hanson off but Hanson stays on the apron. Strong pulls Kyle into his corner while Kyle holds on to the sleeper while the referee deals with Hanson. Rowe with an exploder to Kyle that knocks Strong off the apron. Kyle pulls Hanson off the apron to prevent the tag and Strong with a drop kick to Hanson on the floor followed by a drop kick to Rowe for a near fall. Kyle with a kick and forearm. Rowe with a forearm and Kyle with a kick. Rowe with a knee to Kyle and both men are down.

Strong and Hanson tag in and Hanson with a back body drop and punches. Hanson with a side slam and a splash. Hanson misses a charge into the corner but he hits a seated splash. Hanson with a cartwheel to avoid Kyle and he clotheslines Kyle. Hanson with infinity clotheslines to Strong and Kyle. Kyle misses Hanson and hits Strong with a boot. Hanson with a power slam to Kyle and a bronco buster to Strong for a near fall.

Hanson with punches in the corner and the referee warns Hanson. Strong with kicks and enzuigiri. Strong with a clothesline and both men are down again. Rowe and Kyle tag in and Kyle with kicks to the chest. Rowe blocks a take down and Kyle with a leg sweep when Strong tries to help. Strong with a gut buster to Rowe and Kyle with a forearm to Hanson. Rowe and Hanson with a pop up power slam and Hanson with a suicide dive onto Strong. Rowe gets a near fall on Kyle. Rowe with a back breaker followed by a tilt-a-whirl gutbuster and Doctor Bomb. Hanson with a frog splash but Strong breaks up the cover.

Rowe sends Strong over the top rope to the floor and Kyle with a forearm to Hanson. Kyle and Strong take care of Rowe. Strong sets for a superplex on Hanson and hits it. Kyle with a knee drop off the turnbuckles but Hanson kicks out at two. Rowe with an elbow to Strong on the apron but Kyle with a kick and Strong with a backdrop driver onto the apron. Strong tags in and Kyle with a kick and then Kyle with a forearm and Strong with a back elbow. Strong with an Olympic Slam for a near fall. Strong with a knee and then they hit Total Elimination for a near fall.

Kyle and Strong with knees but Hanson avoids a boot and hits a handspring double back elbow. Rowe tags in and Rowe with a power bomb and power slam combination. They get Kyle up for Fallout and hit it and Rowe gets the three count.

Winners: War Raiders (new Champions)

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Once again operating at full strength following the return of Bobby Fish, Undisputed ERA opened this week’s NXT by bragging that they embody the black-and-yellow brand. Adam Cole portrayed Roderick Strong & Kyle O’Reilly’s controversial NXT Tag Team Title defense against The War Raiders last week as a one-sided drubbing in the ERA’s favor (which most onlookers would be hard-pressed to agree with) and then alluded to himself once again challenging Ricochet for the NXT North American Championship.

That last part ruffled the feathers of EC3, who entered the arena and, after declaring that Cole didn’t deserve another title opportunity, accepted Cole’s challenge to a match on the spot. Despite the presence of Fish, Strong & O’Reilly at ringside, EC3 maintained a steady focus on Cole as he bounced The Panama City Playboy around the ring like a pinball. The other Undisputed ERA members interjected late in the contest, but EC3 summarily disposed of them. Cole hoped to capitalize on the distraction by going for the Last Shot, but The Top One Percent dodged the move and surprised Cole with a roll-up for the pin.

Though EC3 won the battle, the fight was just getting started. Furious over the outcome of the match, Undisputed ERA ambushed EC3 in a savage four-on-one barrage that culminated with Fish using a steel chair to bash EC3’s leg as it was draped over the edge of the entrance stage.

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ORLANDO, Fla. — The Undisputed ERA’s Tag Team Championship reign lives on, thanks to a few shocks to the system. After evading The War Raiders’ crosshair for weeks, Kyle O’Reilly & Roderick Strong had nowhere to run when it came time to defend their NXT Tag Team Titles. Of course, Hanson & Rowe had no problem relishing the moment. Over the course of 20 minutes, this contentious battle saw The War Raiders overpower their opponents with tandem attacks – including one instance where they flung Strong into O’Reilly via a ring-shaking back body drop. Yet, the matchup was far from one-sided as O’Reilly and Strong used their razor sharp in-ring IQ to challenge to Hanson & Rowe’s brute strength.

Midway through, the despicable pair zeroed in on Rowe’s left knee, exposing a weakness that was then tenderized with a series of punishing strikes and calculated submission holds. Still, the technical maneuvers weren’t enough to prevent the modern-day Vikings from steamrolling the rhythm of Strong & O’Reilly. Hanson nearly decapitated Strong with a clothesline, which prompted Adam Cole to appear, only to get tossed to the outside by Hanson.

Just The War Raiders seemed to be closing in on the titles after downing O’Reilly with the Fallout, a steel chair-wielding Bobby Fish arrived for the save, blasting Hanson & Rowe to drive the match into a disqualification. And just like that, Undisputed ERA are back at full force, much to the detriment of Hanson & Rowe.

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Drew McIntyre and Adam Cole’s epic NXT Championship Match from NXT Live in San Antonio was worth the wait. So much has changed within the NXT Universe over the last month and a half since their huge title showdown back on Nov. 17, but thanks to the latest episode of NXT on WWE Network, fans can relive the memorable match refereed by WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels anytime they want.

HBK did his best to call the match down the middle in front of his hometown crowd, but his presence seemed to be an ongoing distraction for Cole and his Undisputed ERA partners Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish. Amid then-NXT Champion Drew McIntyre and Cole’s grueling clash, the leader of Undisputed ERA wound end up superkicking HBK straight on the jaw after McIntyre ducked out of the way.

The crowd watched in shock as the NXT Champion proceeded to deliver a Claymore Kick to his challenger, but with Michaels laid out, the pinfall attempt was severely delayed. Once The Showstopper finally counted to two, O’Reilly and Fish pulled Michaels from the ring.

Cole’s faction-mates then beat down McIntyre before Michaels discarded Fish from the ring and nailed O’Reilly with some Sweet Chin Music.

McIntyre then hit Cole with a Future Shock DDT before leveling him with another Claymore move for the exhilarating victory.

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ORLANDO — The Undisputed ERA have been more naughty than nice since arriving to NXT, but that didn’t stop Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish’s wishes from coming true this Christmas season. With the help of their Undisputed ERA cohort Adam Cole, O’Reilly & Fish dealt a devastating blow to arch-rivals SAnitY, defeating Eric Young & Killian Dain in a wild title match to claim the NXT Tag Team Championship.

Though O’Reilly & Fish’s expert submission and striking skills allowed them to isolate Young for much of the match, SAnitY turned the corner once the gigantic Killian Dain got the tag. As impactful as The Beast of Belfast was, however, Cole’s intrusion at ringside turned out to be the true game-changer. The Panama City Playboy sneakily aided O’Reilly & Fish at various points in the raucous bout, including running Dain shoulder-first into the steel ring post at a critical juncture.

Young tried to neutralize Cole by hitting him with a suicide dive, but the veteran’s decision to take his eye off his opponents gave O’Reilly & Fish the opportunity they needed. Upon returning to the ring, Young was greeted by a devastating high-low combination from O’Reilly & Fish, which sealed the win, kicking off Undisputed ERA’s first title reign in NXT.

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Andrade Almas entered the main event against Roderick Strong intent on proving his worth as an NXT Title contender. Strong, on the other hand, was dealing with issues of his own: Namely, how to handle The Undisputed ERA’s seeming interest in having him join their ranks.

“Cien” and The Messiah of the Backbreaker went at each other hammer-and-tongs, and their world-class grappling prowess was on display as they looked to outmaneuver one another.

Late in the contest, Strong gained an advantage by clotheslining Almas to the floor, but upon tossing Almas back into the ring, he became the target of a surprise attack from Almas’ manager, Zelina Vega, behind the referee’s back. Vega leapt off the apron with a hurricanrana that sent Strong face-first into the steel ring steps, proving she possesses much more than just business savvy. Almas capitalized on the assist, drilling Strong with a hammerlock DDT for the three-count.

Following the match, Zelina and Almas stormed the announce desk and accused Drew McIntyre of being afraid of Almas’ challenge. Meanwhile, as Strong gathered himself inside the ring, Adam Cole, Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly entered the scene and gave Strong an Undisputed ERA armband, with Cole telling Strong that he is “not a loser” and that he “needs to be a part of us.”

With the pivotal loss to Almas still fresh in his mind, is Strong now one step closer to accepting The Undisputed ERA’s offer?

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The NXT Universe knew there would be chaos when SAnitY battled Undisputed ERA, but no one could predict just how much mayhem would go down in this huge Six-Man Tag Team Match.

It’s easy to see why Adam Cole, Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly arrived with so much hype as they grounded Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe & Killian Dain for the first half of this main-event showdown.

The talented trio’s momentum would come to a halt though, as The Beast of Belfast entered the contest, barreling through them with jaw-dropping power.

With Fish and O’Reilly incapacitated, SAnitY seemed primed to take out Cole, when The Authors of Pain made their surprising return. Not seen since losing the NXT Tag Team Titles at TakeOver: Brooklyn III to SAnitY, Rezar & Akam proceeded to destroy all three members of the chaos-inducing group.

As The Authors of Pain stood above a sea of carnage, The Undisputed ERA stood on the stage in awe of the destruction they had just witnessed.

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